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Services We Offer

Our clinic offers low-cost, high-quality spaying and neutering, along with vaccinations and microchipping at the time of surgery, for your convenience. For an appointment call (405) 414-8142

Standard services
Feline Sterilization $35.00  
Canine Sterilization $45.00 under 50lbs
Canine Sterilization $60.00 under 75lbs
Canine Sterilization $70.00 under 100lbs
Canine Sterilization $80.00 100lbs and over
Additional Services
Crypt-orchid Testicle (per)* $10.00  
Deciduous (baby) Tooth Removal $10.00  
Open Umbilical Hernia $10.00  
Previously Sterilized Feline** $10.00  
Previously Sterilized Canine** $20.00 under 50lbs
Previously Sterilized Canine** $30.00 50lbs and over
Previous Cesarean Section preformed*** $40.00  
Rabies Vaccination $10.00
Annual Vaccination - Feline $5.00 FVRCP
Annual Vaccination - Canine $5.00 DHPP
Bordetella Vaccination $10.00
Other Pet Necessities
Feline Combo Test $25.00 FeLV/FIV/HW
Canine Heartworm Test $25.00 4DX
Microchip $25.00  
e-Collar $10.00  

There will be a $20 late pick up fee for animals not picked up on schedule.

Save This Life Microchips

This microchip includes lifetime registration, aluminum lifetime replaceable ID tag, and up to $1,000 lost pet health insurance for the first year. Microchip ID number is searchable in search engines like Google. The owner’s personal information is never displayed.

* A medically required procedure for male sterilization.
** Any animal determined to have been altered, once anastecia has been administered.
*** Sterilizing a female who previously had a c-section performed, is a longer medically required procedure.

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